Here at CBS Foods, we specialize in creating gourmet seafood dishes using the finest ingredients. Our recipes are made with the everyday consumer in mind. We believe that shrimp and lobster should be enjoyed whenever it’s craved and not just reserved for special occasions. We have priced our products to make them affordable to all consumers. Originally only available to the food service industry, our products are now offered for sale direct to you through our grocery partners across the country. To order online now visit our store now by clicking here

Chef Big Shake’s first creation was the “Original” Shrimp Burger as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. This patty is a blend of succulent shrimp, fresh peppers and spices blended together to create a divinely delicious burger. Today, CBS Foods makes the burger in five flavors: Original, Jalapeno, Cajun, Chesapeake and Teriyaki. Our other delicious creations include Lobster Sliders, Lobster Pot Pies, Lobster Mac & Cheese. To learn more about our fine foods, please email us at info@cbsfoods.com. 

“Been wanting to try your shrimp burgers – didn’t order them from QVC then to my delight and surprise I found them at my local grocery store, tried one then returned that same day and cleaned them out of stock………..DELICIOUS!!!!!” Melanie W.



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